You are currently viewing A Fairy-Tale Capital Wedding: Amar Auluck’s Enchanting Chronicle of Sara & Tristan’s Love Story

A Fairy-Tale Capital Wedding: Amar Auluck’s Enchanting Chronicle of Sara & Tristan’s Love Story

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In the heart of Ottawa, where history whispers through cobblestone
streets and Parliament Hill stands as a sentinel of love, Amar Auluck,
the creative virtuoso behind Amar Studios, unveiled a modern-day fairy
tale. The protagonists of this tale? Sara and Tristan, a couple whose
love story began in the hallowed halls of a 12th-grade Economics
class, and whose journey was exquisitely captured by Amar Auluck’s

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Once Upon a Classroom: Sara & Tristan’s Genesis

Picture this: a high school Economics class where the intricacies of
supply and demand took a backseat to the burgeoning romance between
Sara and Tristan. Their story began with shared glances, evolved
through whispered conversations, and matured into a love that would
set the stage for a grand celebration.

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The Visionary: Amar Auluck and Amar Studios

Enter Amar Auluck, the maestro behind Amar Studios, a storyteller with
a camera who transforms moments into timeless tales. Amar was not just
a witness to Sara and Tristan’s journey; he became the chronicler,
capturing the essence of their love with every click of his shutter.

Enchanting Chapters Unveiled at Capitol Wedding

The pages of Capital Wedding became the canvas for Sara and Tristan’s
love story, beautifully painted by Amar’s lens. From the engagement
shoot against the backdrop of Ottawa’s iconic landmarks to the
intimate moments of the wedding ceremony, every frame radiated the
magic woven into their journey.

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Notable Mention by Ottawa Wedding Magazine Editor, Pam Dillon

Amar Auluck’s dedication to capturing the soul of weddings did not go
unnoticed. Pam Dillon, the discerning editor of the Ottawa Wedding
Magazine, was captivated by Amar’s ability to encapsulate not just the
event but the very spirit of love. Sara and Tristan’s narrative earned
a notable mention, a testament to the power of Amar’s visual

Front and Center: Amar Auluck on the Cover

In a poetic twist, the artist behind the lens found himself on the
front cover of the Ottawa Wedding Magazine. Amar’s photographic
prowess, showcased through Sara and Tristan’s love story, took center
stage in the very publication that celebrates the magic of unions.

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Capturing Forever: A Love Tale for the Ages

Sara and Tristan’s wedding wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration
of a love that transcended time and classrooms. Amar Auluck, with his
unrivaled ability to freeze moments into eternity, ensured that every
nuance of their fairy-tale day was immortalized.

As we turn the pages of Sara and Tristan’s love story, photographed by
the remarkable Amar Auluck, we’re reminded that fairy tales are not
confined to storybooks. In Ottawa, Amar Studios weaves them into
reality, capturing the very essence of love, and ensuring that every
wedding is a timeless tale waiting to unfold.

The Prestigious Mentions: A Symphony of Talent

Venue: Fairmont Chateau Laurier: The regal backdrop that set the stage
for a wedding fit for royalty.

Planner/Coordinator: The Hitch Doctor: The mastermind behind the
seamless execution of a fairy-tale vision.

Bride’s Gown and Veil: La Maison Bridal Boutique: Sara, adorned in the
creations of La Maison Bridal Boutique, embodied timeless grace.

Bride’s Jewelry: Philippe & Co Jewelry: Each piece from Phillippe & Co
Jewelry added a touch of sparkle to Sara’s radiance.

Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss: Tristan, donned in the sophistication of
Hugo Boss, was the epitome of classic charm.

Decor/Florals: Moe Signature: Moe Signature transformed spaces into
enchanted realms, where every bloom told a tale of its own.

Pianist: Kimberly Dunn: The ethereal melodies of Kimberly Dunn added a
musical note to the romance of the day.

DJ: KRZ: KRZ curated a playlist that resonated with the beats of Sara
and Tristan’s hearts.

Cake: Sweet Me Desserts: Sweet Me Desserts crafted a confectionery
masterpiece, symbolizing the sweetness of the couple’s love.

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