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4 Trends in Wedding and Engagement Photography for 2024

Do you want to make the day of your wedding or engagement more special? Photography is the only way to do that. You can feel the significance of these days after many years by capturing the special moments. Now, only a skilled photographer can help you with those pieces of memories. How? They follow different styles and methods to make your special moments special. So, it is wise to know the recent trends when planning wedding and engagement photography in Montreal.

In 2024, there are different trends that photographers follow in Montreal. Let’s explore four trends that are making waves this year.


Trend 1: Drone Photography

Drone is widely used in photography today. It helps capture the moments of wedding and engagement with new heights. Using drones, photographers capture aerial views and unique perspectives of the occasion. So, you can be sure to get those pieces of memories that traditional photography never can achieve.

Professional photographers use drones for outdoor weddings and engagement shoots in any natural location. Drone photography is the solution if you prefer a bird’s-eye view for a dramatic flair to your album. So, ask your photographer if they can use drones for wedding and engagement photography in Montreal.


Trend 2: Documentary Style Photography

Like drone photography, documentary-style wedding and engagement photography in Montreal is a top trend. It is all about capturing unscripted moments that tell a perfect love story. Documentary style is the choice to capture your journey in terms of photos.

This photograph covers engagement to the wedding day and includes candid, unopposed photographs. Here, the photographers play with the background and capture the raw emotions and spontaneous interactions. So, documentary-style photography is the perfect solution for you when you prefer to have a more authentic photo collection.


Trend 3: Minimalist and Fine Art Approaches

Minimalism and fine art approaches have become another trend that subtle emotions of the day.  It is the perfect style if you prefer a clean and elegant aesthetic. This photography style is known for its simplicity and artistic presentation. Thus, it has become a prominent trend in wedding and engagement photography in Montreal.

The neutral tones, natural lighting, and composed shots create timeless images. Fine art photography can elevate your special day by incorporating an artistic level. So, go for this trend if you prefer a sophisticated and refined photo album highlighting the beauty and elegance of the big day.


Trend 4: VR and AR Integration

Incorporating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in wedding photography is another trend. VR and AR integration is a must when you do not want to set a boundary and put a limitation. You may prefer a 360-degree view of your location. If so, follow for wedding and engagement photography in Montreal.

VR allows couples to have immersive experiences with virtual tours of wedding venues or engagement shoot locations. AR, on the other hand, enhances traditional photo albums with special effects. If you want a more interactive and engaging photography solution, this trend become the solution.



So, follow those trends in the world of wedding and engagement photography in Montreal. Whom to contact for making your wedding memories extraordinary? AMAR STUDIOS is your go-to place to stay at the forefront of these trends. Reach them and create timeless memories of your big day.

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