Why do you need a wedding videographer?

Most importantly, to capture all of the unanticipated moments. There will be a ton of them!  It’s a busy day and it will go by very quickly. All the wonderful little moments of the day – like when grandma boogied on the dance floor, or when your favourite uncle gave that lovely, impromptu speech –  would be lost in time without a securing digitized copy. 

You will be in such a whirlwind of love on the big day that you’ll miss many of the precious instants. A professional videographer’s singular purpose is to recognize those candid opportunities, collect them, and preserve them for your happy review. Amar Studios specializes in a non-intrusive approach to capturing these priceless memories on video, combining elements of music, sound, and movement in order to accurately document your once-in-a-lifetime day.

Don’t be shy. Ask us to view fully delivered films so you get a sense of what we can do. Then, let’s make some memories!